About the Owners & Team

Katie & David


David and Katie Standing in the Meadow beside the Overlook Barn View of the Blue Ridge Mountains with Katie and David

We are Katie and David and we are thrilled to share our story with you! We found each other in Washington, DC through our NC State Alumni network and have been inseparable since meeting. One of the things we connected on was our love for North Carolina. Engaged in November of 2014, we started our search for a wedding venue in the mountains of North Carolina. We wanted a venue that highlighted the beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains and had enough space for all our family and friends.

We discovered a perfect venue without having to look very far – in the 1960s, Katie’s grandfather built a barn surrounded by acres of meadow and forest on Beech Mountain. We purchased the barn from Katie’s uncle and worked closely with Katie’s father to build the elegant and festive venue we imagined. The project was a family affair and the space reflects the warmth and love that built it. Our wedding on August 1st, 2015 was the inaugural event at the Overlook Barn. After experiencing the magical atmosphere we are excited to help other celebrate their special day in a place that means so much to us! Please contact us for more information.